Are you ready to meet someone REAL?

Stop getting scammed and start dating real humans, vetted by Date Industry Pros.

Are you ready to meet someone REAL?

Stop getting scammed and start dating real humans, vetted by Date Industry Pros.

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Local, Single Communities

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Here’s How it Works:

Step 1: Private Love Strategy Call

Schedule your Private Love Strategy call to get setup in the group.

Step 2: Mingle & Learn

Search the Tips & Tools Vault and connect with your new, local, single neighbors.

Step 3: Dater Checks

Use our Safe Date Tools to vet your dates outside the community.

Step 4: Get Scouted

Get scouted by Date Industry Pros looking for matches for their private rolodex of elite, offline, clients.

Here’s what people are saying:

(Member Names have been changed to protect privacy.)


Avoided a scam in New Jersey

"There's no other site doing this... this will give me a lot of relief knowing who I'm talking to."


Dating in Brooklyn

"I tried a few apps... I found that events are better than apps."


Model in New York

"Dating right now is a s%^& show,... I've never had a problem finding decent guys to date!"

In OUR Community...

You'll Take Back Your TIME.

A virtual, safe, tight knit community of other vetted local singles just like YOU. This group will help you streamline + navigate dating (since they're doing it too). You'll also get admission to the locked events available to Members- Only inside the community.

You'll be SCOUTED for Private Clients.

For those ready to level-up and seek exposure to high-end, offline, clients. Yes! The private, elite hire professional matchmakers to help them find legitimate matches off the books. For privacy. They need love too! And when you join, you'll become a new, LEGITIMATE option for them.

You'll AVOID Crazy Online Dates.

Dating around? Are you sure they're, legit? Don't be played a fool. Before you let your emotional guard down, protect yourself from scams by running a Dater Check on your date ahead of time.

You'll get ANSWERS to Everything Else.

Even with all the tools - sometimes you don't know how to use them. We've got you covered there, too. Get every dating question you've ever had answered by the dating professionals. Your dating life won't feel like such a sh*t show, and you'll never have to join another dating site again.

Resident Date Strategist, Alisa Purifico


easier to navigate

less time consuming

less uncomfortable

less exhausting

more accessible

more legitimate

...we thought so too.

A once Professional Matchmaker herself featured on NBC, CNBC & Buzzfeed- Alisa Purifico + her team created a network of local single communities: a place where locals & industry Date Pros can squeeze all the juicy benefits out of each other......without the headache or the price tag. Right?!? ........We thought so too.

Stories from our Current Members

(Member Names have been changed to protect privacy.)


Single by the Shore

Single Dad, searching for Love by the Jersey Shore.


Widow in Jersey

"You're like my psychiatrist, I thought you were supposed to be my dating Guru!"


Busy in the City

I had replaced love with my work. Now I'm making TIME for my Dating Life.

What Love Actually Costs

Luxury Matchmaking : $25,000+

Traditional Matchmaking : $7,000+

Trendy Matchmaking Apps : $1500+

Private Date Coaching : $300+ per hour

Avg. Cost of using Dating Platforms : $168/mo*

Verified Membership: $37/mo **

Limited Time Offer

Match-base Membership: FREE! **

*-2,000 Americans polled show that online dating will cost an average of $168.17 per month.

**- All Verified Members must be Verified by a Real Human.

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